All lapel pins are specifically made to the customer's specifications. These are the highest quality lapel pins on the market.

All you have to do is send me a copy or picture or file of the pin you want and I will send you back a proof. Be sure and give a full description of the size wanted and the quantity wanted. Below is a price list of the different styles and cost. The pricing is complicated to figure out sometimes. So don't worry too much about figuring out the price. I will give it to you.

Cost Information
No shipping cost on orders more than $250.00
Orders less than $250.00 will have a 10% shipping cost.
If paying by PayPal, there is a 4% fee (This is what I get charged).

Michael Kemmeries

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Trying to Keep it Simple
Cloisonne, Die Struck, Photo Etched ??????????
Just tell me if you want high, medium or low qualitiy and I will take care of you.

Reasons to Buy Lapel Pins

Club and Organizational - Show pride in your club with custom lapel pins.

Continuing Education - Offering lapel pins as your continuing education incentive is a win-win!

Lapel Pins for Product Branding
- An inexpensive yet powerful way to boost your brand.

Employee Recognition
- Lapel pins are a great way to salute and motivate your employees.

Sports Teams - Sports teams show their pride.

Lapel Pins for Fundraising - Lapel pins offer excellent profits for fundraisers.

Lapel Pins for Trade Shows
- Boost traffic to your booth.

Non-Profit - Economical way to raise non-profit awareness.

After being struck with the dye, soft enamel lapel pins are filled with enamel paints. The pins are baked at low heat to seal the colors and provide a luster appearance. Our soft enamel lapel pins are perfect for simple designs of colors that need to be clearly separated. Another option with the soft enamel lapel pins is to apply an epoxy dome finish for extra durability (I recommend this).
The combination of brass or iron and vivid colors make this a reasonably priced lapel pin and an excellent choice for your event.

Imitation Hard Enamel / Semi Cloisonné

For the refined look of Hard Enamel at a slightly lower cost, the Semi Cloisonné pins are an excellent choice. These pins have the same look and thickness of the Hard Enamel pins.
These are the most popular type of pin sold.